Today’s image yesterday’s tradition

Today it is common to hear the positions of renowned architects who are inclined not for the construction of new spaces but for the restoration or rehabilitation of them; These positions state that it is our duty as architects to rescue the memory of these enclosures in order to invest them with a new discourse that speaks of the moment we inhabit.

That is why, on the subject of this reflection Artisan Iron Works knows that the important thing is not what they have done, but what we do with what they have done, the best tribute we can make to the architectural efforts that have been made with these buildings is to rescue precincts that uncover and interweave temporalities combined with tradition.


For new needs, new techniques.

In order to restore historic projects, adapting them at the same time to current needs, it is necessary to have an accurate diagnosis, choosing the appropriate treatment, always with the greatest prudence and respect towards the original work. Artesano Iron Works takes into account the demands of a globalized world, as well as the expectations of the region.

Our techniques are the result of the experience we have gained in the handling of metals, in this material We can work from wrought iron to mechanized processes, giving priority to the unique artisanal style that characterizes us.


The care, the way to endure.

In our workshop we restore all kinds of historic architectural projects, we are a team of experts in determining the state and conservation, we have the willingness to move to see the status of the pieces and make an assessment.

For us, the minimum intervention in a job is important and to preserve, as far as possible, the patina of time that makes it authentic. If a project for different reasons: unfortunate interventions, poor care or abandonment etc. is damaged missing a piece, sheet metal, ironwork, we restore and reproduce the missing piece, in the same way it was done at its origin, returning the splendor that he had in his time, only in this way we recover the lost antiquity.

We use the same materials as those used in their origin and time, our restoration projects are based on the care of the pieces, with the aim of restoring and conserving these projects of great value for history.














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