The historical buildings require for the solution of their deterioration of the discipline of the Restoration, that is to say, making a professional intervention in the cultural heritage assets, whose purpose is to protect its authenticity necessary for the knowledge of the culture. Based on this, we started our project to restore bronze doors, which aims to ensure its conservation and reveal or restore its value and aesthetic and historical qualities.


With the passage of time, the bronze doors lose their color and suffer small impacts that deteriorate them little by little. Although bronze is undoubtedly a noble material, it is true that it requires some periodic maintenance and that it is affected by humidity and water. In our Forrest Hill project, we resorted to restoration, where the degree of the intervention was evaluated, taking a sequence and order in those actions, also based on the theoretical principles of the Restoration.


It is kept in mind that the Restoration of historical doors is an intervention that seeks above all the respectful recovery of said cultural heritage, for which it required our specialists in the matter for the elaboration of the project, the result is in general very grateful since the beauty of bronze is recovered and at the same time its preservation for many more years.

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