A Custom project starts with a concept, an idea, or an architectural need.


From the first meeting or from a simple sketch, our team is able to pick up the very essence of what is needed and the design part begins.


Our design team will provide a series of drawings detailing the project, the materials in which it will be made, its textures and finishes, always staying true to our client’s idea.


Once a design is chosen, our design team creates a series of blueprints that show the entire project in detail


If needed 3D renderings are sent in order to explain complex volumes.


After the final blueprints are approved by the client, we proceed to manufacture the project’s components. Our experimented blacksmiths are capable of giving the pieces such realism and detail which make the difference between our products and pre-fabricated non custom products in the market.



Custom projects will require extra care, and attention to detail; information will go back and forth in order to give our clients the opportunity to make any correction and suggestion along the production phase.


The attention for details, the commitment and the hard work is what makes our projects one–of-a-kind.


There is no greater achievement that seeing a project all the way through, from a simple idea, the design process, its fabrication and installation.


At Artesano Iron Works, we are very proud to be part of the elaboration of any project for our client’s home, whether it’s decorative, functional or both, art is in everything we do.


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